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When it comes to the issues, I am a solid pragmatist.

Most of the policies that come out of Washington aren't working for us. They fail to identify the root causes of our problems, leading to unintended consequences that increase costs for the average American and create new long-term problems. This is the disconnect between DC and the rest of us- sometimes they cause more problems than they solve. We need to make sure that Washington addresses the real problems facing our community and come up with solutions that will make a difference in your life and help change our community for the better.


As an entrepreneur and the daughter of a nurse and a utility lineman, I know well the struggles we face and the pride we feel in providing for our families. I also know that the greatest weapon in our country’s economic arsenal is the purchasing power of a vibrant and growing American middle class. As your voice in Congress, I’ll fight to make sure our region has stable, well-paying jobs and successful small businesses that support that middle class.


When women are paid 70 cents for every dollar a man makes, that’s not just a women’s issue - it’s an economic issue. When restrictions are placed on women’s health care and yet they pay more for coverage, it’s not just a women’s issue - it’s a civil rights issue. And when a woman faces an impossible choice between her job and her child because her workplace doesn’t offer maternity leave, it’s not just a women’s issue - it’s a family values issue. While our sisters, mothers, and daughters are fighting for equality every day in our homes, doctor's offices, and workplaces, I’ll make sure they have someone fighting for them on the floor of Congress.


I’ve spent my career in the healthcare industry, so I know firsthand the problems we face. An inefficient and outdated system that leads to errors, coupled with a lack of preventative care, drive up costs and make our system too expensive. Our country has the best medical professionals in the world. In Congress, I’ll fight to make sure we also provide the best care to our citizens at affordable rates by continuing to reform and improve our healthcare system.


Every day, our armed forces work tirelessly to keep us safe from those who seek to do us harm. But often the greatest battle they face is the difficult readjustment to life back at home. After World War II, we passed the GI Bill to give our veterans the training they needed to build the American middle class. We need to ensure that today’s veterans receive the training and resources as heroes they deserve - including proper physical and mental health care.


When Pittsburgh Plate and Glass hired union members like my great-grandfather, it was because they knew they were the best in the world at what they did. We need to make sure our kids have the same opportunities in a new economy. This means improving underperforming schools and making sure our children graduate with the skills they need to succeed in today’s job market.


When we built our country’s network of bridges, roads and highways, we constructed the backbone necessary to support for the world’s strongest economy. Now, those same bridges and roadways are filled with potholes and becoming unsafe. Rebuilding our transit infrastructure is necessary to keep our economy running smoothly and safely.