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U.S. House, PA-12

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General Election
November 4, 2014

12th District

Erin McClelland U.S. Congress

Why I'm Running

"My name is Erin McClelland, and I'm running for the US Congress. I'm a businesswoman who has spent my life in the healthcare industry, and I've seen first hand the cost of our dire economic straits, our broken healthcare system, and the $86 trillion in unfunded liabilities that will be passed on to my son. I'm running because we need people in Washington that know how to solve our problems and get things done."


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Meet Erin McClelland

Erin McClelland has over 17 years of experience in the behavioral health field and has worked as an Executive Director, researcher, process improvement specialist, policy representative and entrepreneur.

On the Issues

When it comes to the issues, Erin is a solid pragmatist. She focuses on identifying the root of a problem and determining the process that fills the “problem to policy gap.”

Get Involved

Each county that is situated in this District requires a unique approach. Erin will implement a smart targeting strategy on the ground and in the mailboxes!